Import of model definitions is provided from SBML models using only parameters, rates and units. Species-compartment type models can not be imported.


  • The Species-Compartment features of SBML are not supported.
  • No mechanism to import stimulus currents is implemented. This means models will need to be adapted by hand to run in myokit.


The standard API for importing is provided:


Returns a dict of all importers available in this module.

class myokit.formats.sbml.SBMLImporter

This:class:Importer <myokit.formats.Importer> load model definitions from files in SBML format.


Returns a string containing information about this exporter.

This should be implemented by each subclass.


Imports a model from the given path.

The created myokit.Model is returned. A myokit.ImportError will be raised if any errors occur.


Returns a bool indicating if model import is supported.

class myokit.formats.sbml.SBMLError(message)

Thrown if an error occurs when importing SBML