API :: Core

The heart of Myokit’s API has the following components:

  • The Model-Component-Variable classes that define model structure.
  • The Expression classes that make up Myokit expressions.
  • A Protocol class that defines a pacing protocol (the input, or driver to the system).
  • A Simulation class containing both a model and a protocol that can be run using Myokit’s sundials backend or exported to other formats.

These classes define the objects used by Myokit to represent its structures in memory. To store them on disk, Myokit contains

To produce fast low-level simulation code and export models to other formats, myokit contains a tiny templating engine and the infrastructure to create Exporters. Finally, to load models or protocols from other languages, Myokit has a small number of Importers.

The remaining parts of the API can be found in the library section of the documentation.