API :: Graphical User Interfaces

Myokit comes equipeed with a number of graphical user interface components:

  • The Myokit IDE (for integrated development environment) allows you to create, import and modify mmt files. Simulations can be run and some analysis tools can be used directly.
  • The DataBlock Viewer visualizes data from 1d and 2d datablock files.

Shared functions


Returns a QtIcon created either from the theme or from one of the fallback icons.

Raises a KeyError if no such icon is available.

myokit.gui.run(app, *args)

Runs a Myokit gui app as a stand-alone application.


The application to run, specified as a class object (not an instance).
Any arguments to pass to the app’s constructor.

Example usage:

load(myokit.gui.MyokitIDE, ‘model.mmt’)
class myokit.gui.MyokitApplication

Base class for Myokit applications.

Extends: QtWidgets.QMainWindow.


Attempts to create and return a monospace font.