Limited support for import from ChannelML is provided.

Importer usage

The ChannelML importer can be used to load a channel model from a ChannelML file. The extracted model is presented as a full myokit cell model. This is currently an experimental module.


The standard interfaces for importing is provided:


Returns a dict of all importers available in this module.

class myokit.formats.channelml.ChannelMLImporter(verbose=False)

This Importer imports model definitions from the ChannelML format.

component(path, model)

Imports a channel component from the ChannelML file at path and adds it to the given model.

The model must contain a variable labelled “membrane_potential”.

The created myokit.Component is returned.


Imports a ChannelML file from path and returns the channel as a myokit.Model.


Returns a bool indicating if component import is supported.


Returns a bool indicating if model import is supported.

class myokit.formats.channelml.ChannelMLError(message)

Raised if a fatal error occurs when importing ChannelML.