Support is provided for reading data from files recorded using WinWCP.

class myokit.formats.wcp.WcpFile(filepath)

Represents a read-only WinWCP file (.wcp), stored at the location pointed to by filepath.

Only files in the newer file format version 9 can be read. This version of the format was introduced in 2010. New versions of WinWCP can read older files and will convert them to the new format automatically when opened.

WinWCP is a tool for recording electrophysiological data written by John Dempster of Strathclyde University.

WinWCP files contain a number of records NR, each containing data from NC channels. Every channel has the same length, NP samples. Sampling happens at a fixed sampling rate.


Returns the names of the channels in this file.


Returns the number of channels in this file.


Returns the current file’s name.


Creates and returns a:class:myokit.DataLog containing all the data from this file.

Each channel is stored under its own name, with an indice indicating the record it was from. Time is stored under time.


Returns the path to the currently opened file.


Creates matplotlib plots of all data in this file.


Returns the number of records in this file.


Returns the time points sampled at.

values(record, channel)

Returns the values of channel channel, recorded in record record.