A utility function to flatten HTML is provided, along with an export to an HTML format (using Presentation MathML).

myokit.formats.html.html2ascii(html, width=79, indent='  ')

Flattens HTML and attempts to create readable ASCII code.

The output will be text-wrapped after width characters. Each new level of nesting will be indented with the text given as indent.



Returns a dict of all exporters available in this module.

class myokit.formats.html.HTMLExporter

This Exporter generates a HTML file displaying a model’s equations.

The equations are encoded using Presentation MathML. This format can be viewed in most modern browsers, but is less suitable as an exchange format.

model(path, model, protocol=None)

Export to a html document.


Optional method that returns a string containing information about this exporter, to be shown after the export is completed.

runnable(path, model, protocol=None, *args)

Exports a myokit.Model and optionally a myokit.Protocol to something that can be run or compiled.

The output will be stored in the directory path. A myokit.ExportError will be raised if any errors occur.


Returns True.


Returns True if this exporter supports export of a model and optional protocol to a runnable piece of code.